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Established in 2017, the Center for Law, Information and Creativity (CLIC) is a hub for interdisciplinary research and practice by scholars, thought leaders and experts working on issues of legal study concerning IP, privacy, technology and innovative approaches to examining and improving the law across the public domain. CLIC is housed at Northeastern University School of Law, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Center’s focus on intellectual property includes both doctrinal and practical issues, as well as critical perspectives that emerge in the practice of copyright, trademark, trade secret and patent law in the public interest. As a result, CLIC’s work spans multiple diverse industries, including music, multimedia, advertising, photography, journalism, the fine arts, medical and biotechnological research, nanotechnology and engineering, computer science and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In technology law, CLIC’s work explores the regulation of technology, privacy, expertise, consumer protection and labor law. Grounded in technological realism and with an emphasis on ethics, equity, and the impact and consequences of technological innovation, CLIC leads and convenes fora to explore the sociolegal dimensions of technological process in public and private sectors.

CLIC’s Directors

Portrait of Professor Ari Waldman

Ari Ezra Waldman

Faculty Director

Professor Ari Ezra Waldman is Professor of Law and Computer Science with a joint appointment at the School of Law and Khoury College of Computer Sciences, and Faculty Director for the Center for Law, Information and Creativity. Professor Waldman studies asymmetrical power relations created and entrenched by law and technology, with particular focus on privacy, online harassment and the LGBTQ community.Professor Waldman is a widely published scholar, including two books, Privacy As Trust: Information Privacy for an Information Age (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and Industry Unbound: The Inside Story of Privacy, Data, and Corporate Power (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

Portrait of Nasser Eledroos

Nasser Eledroos

Managing Director

Nasser Eledroos is a public interest technologist with expertise in bridging a variety of disciplines including computer science, criminal law and art/design to advocate for public policy reform. He joined Northeastern Law as Managing Director for the Center for Law, Information and Creativity in 2021, fresh off a stint in state government as Technologist for the former Suffolk County District Attorney, Rachael Rollins. Prior to that, he was a Technology Fellow with the ACLU of Massachusetts. Nasser is a 2021 Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity with Columbia University and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

CLIC Works Across the Legal Field

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CLIC is a unique environment attracting diverse scholars, lawyers, students, creators, innovators, start-up ventures and established companies to study the regulation of intellectual property and technology with the aim of promoting progress.

Faculty affiliated with CLIC teach courses and conduct research in information security, privacy regulation, entertainment and media law, intellectual property, internet and e-commerce, lawyering and entrepreneurship, and creative communities. Through the School of Law’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program, CLIC provides guidance to students who seek internships with clients and organizations that are navigating the dynamic world of technology regulation, creative and scientific development, privacy, security and entrepreneurship.

Northeastern Law has been ranked as a Tier 1 “Privacy School” by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Through its research, teaching, program development and partnerships, CLIC aims to have a big impact in shaping scholarly discourse and tech policy, locally and nationally. In 2022, CLIC hosted the Privacy Law Scholars Conference at Northeastern University.


05/17/19 – BOSTON, MA. – Northeastern hosted the Year-End Celebration in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex atrium on May 17, 2019. President Joseph E. Aoun honored winners of the Staff Excellence Awards. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

CLIC has always been at the forefront of local and national public advocacy

CLIC’s advocacy work is led by NUSL students and faculty working in collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community groups. Much of CLIC’s advocacy work derives from the research and expertise of the CLIC faculty.

Examples include galvanizing support to institute a moratorium on the use of face recognition technology, enabling artists and filmmakers to engage in critical and political speech, advocating for better targeted biomedical research, overcoming exclusivity, promoting equitable and affordable access to medicines, and highlighting innovations whose celebration would promote restorative justice for racially marginalized communities. CLIC’s advocacy creates research and legal tools to empower communities to explore technology and intellectual property regulation to better serve the public interest.

As CLIC’s work grows, so too will the Center’s capacity to take on important causes implicated by humanity’s increasingly shared fate and technological advancements in the digital age. Reach out to CLIC’s Managing Director, Nasser Eledroos, for opportunities in this space.

Northeastern’s intellectual property program was awarded an “A+” in the spring 2021 issue of preLaw magazine. The magazine takes into account a law school’s breadth of curricular offerings when compiling the rankings.



The IP CO-LAB is a clinical legal learning opportunity involving students at the School of Law. Through client intake and service, it provides a range of crucial IP-related legal advice to inventors, authors and start-ups in Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The IP CO-LAB collaborates with the university’s Center for Research Innovation, NU’s student-run venture accelerator, IDEA, the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and several other student-focused entrepreneurship groups to identify clients and service needs. Its goal is to enhance the campus innovation environment and provide opportunities for all members of the Northeastern community — with a special focus on law students supporting design, engineering and business students — to better understand and use intellectual property.

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